Vulture Bait 50k

It was mid-October and the Ontario Ultra Series was coming to a close for 2010.  I have had an incredible year, completing bigger goals than I ever thought possible.  All I had to do was finish the two laps around Fanshawe Lake in order to capture the prize for Top Male, Under-39 in the series. 

I was starting to feel like I could run a bit harder again after struggling through the last couple races after the 100-miler.  I knew my body was a bit beaten up, but I thought I would at least try to better my time from 2009, about 4:31’. 

The trails around the lake were in great shape, and the weather was beautiful.  I really love running in the woods in the fall. 

I started off running with John, who had been running lots of fast miles with the SDCI Cross-Country team throughout the fall and was ready for a fast 50km.  All was good for the first lap, and I thought I had a pretty good chance of a 4:15’ finish. 

Somewhere around 37km, my quads started to cramp up really bad.  I was forced to slow down.  I told John to go on ahead, since he was still feeling quite strong.  I took several walking breaks, to try and alleviate the cramps, but I think my legs had had enough. 

I lost at least 25 minutes of time on the last 10km of the route, but was able to muster a shuffle to the finish line.  My official time was 4:46:56”.

I was a little bit disappointed in how I finished the race, but glad that I made it to the finish, and was able to celebrate my accomplishment at the Awards Banquet that followed the race.  It meant a lot to me to receive the plaque for winning my category, along with a really cool hat that I wear proudly. 

Afterwards, I calculated that I had run 619km, just in the ultra series alone in 2010.  I knew it would be hard to top that, if I ever decided to do it again. 

As I looked back on the year, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for all the great people I have met through the OUS, as well as all the supporters I had, cheering me on with all of my running goals.  There is no way I would have been able to do it all on my own.   

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