Niagara Falls Marathon

Once again, I had to work at the store from 6am-12pm before I was able to head off to Niagara Falls for my next marathon.  I was just in time to pick up my race package and Race Bunny gear from the Running Room at the Expo as it was winding down.  

I was able to stay with Carolyn, a great friend of mine that I met while doing the Moksha Yoga Teacher's Training in India last March.  It was great to be able to catch up with her and practice some yoga in her very own home studio!!!  Carolyn even went through the trouble of preparing a wonderful pasta dinner for me and a couple other friends the night before the run.  

Sunday morning came fast but we were blessed with some wonderful weather to run in.  The buses that would take us to the starting area over the border in Buffalo, NY, left around 7am.  As per usual, I made a friend on the 40-minute bus ride over, sharing stories of other races and anything run related.

Because it is an international race, we had to clear Customs while crossing the border, and there always seems to be at least one person that has problems on race morning. 

After a short wait at the bridge, we were dropped off at the Art Museum in Buffalo, which was open for all the runners to look around before the start of the marathon.  They had some incredible works of art in there and I made a few more friends inside as I suited up in my Pace Bunny costume.  

You see, when I run as a pace bunny, I like to really dress the part, wearing a full fur (fake fur) bunny suit.  

I assembled a bit of a following of people that were on target for 3-hour and 40-minute finish time, as we all lined up for the race to start.  There was a good group that managed to stick with me, all the way up until about 32k when some dropped off.  It is around that point when you fall behind if you have started off too fast.

I was trying to ignore a sore ankle, and I struggled to keep my pace towards the Falls.  Near the end of the race, I matched up with a couple of other experienced marathoners and helped them give it their all in the last few minutes of the race.  

I finished strong and was within my one minute of pace bunny tolerance.  With a sore knee and ankle, I knew I was starting to wear myself down.  I’ve only got one more race left before my season is over, at least for a little while.  

© Brian Groot 2020