Toronto Half-Marathon

In hindsight, it was rather ambitious to do two big races in one weekend.  After finishing the Vulture Bait 50k in London, I headed straight to Toronto, but due to three separate traffic jams along the 401 and QEW, I missed the marathon expo altogether.  

I was still in time to make the last class of the day at Moksha Downtown, so I took the opportunity to check out a different studio.  This was the first time at Moksha Downtown and it was a great to stretch in the heat after finishing the 50k only a few hours earlier. 

I stayed with a fellow Moksha teacher, Pierina, at her place downtown and arranged to pick up my race kit in the morning from the Team Diabetes crew. 

The morning was clear and crisp and the weather forecast looked perfect for running.  The sun was just beginning to rise as I drove up Yonge Street to the starting line at Mel Lastman Square.  It wasn’t long before I found a couple of Team Diabetes runners who I have been coaching over the web for the last four months.  It was my job at the race, as the team trainer, to make sure they all got to the finish line feeling great.  

Since I won my age category in the marathon in 2008, I was granted free entry into the half marathon for this year’s race.  I figured since I already raced 50k the day before, I would be happy doing the half for Team Diabetes. 

As the field made its way towards the downtown, I came across a few other team runners and ran with each of them for a bit making sure they were doing all right.  

I ended up running the last few kilometers with Savanah, a nurse and mother of four, who was running for her son, who has Type-1 diabetes.  We finished in just over 2 hours and I chilled out at the team tent near the finish area, greeting all the other runners as they came in.  

The Team Diabetes tent was set up right next to the Lululemon tent so I had the pleasure to meet several educators from the Toronto stores as well as Natalie, one of the designers from Vancouver. 

I had to leave the race before everyone had finished, in order to make it back to London in time to lead the UWO Triathlon Club long run.  By this time, I had had enough with my running shoes and finished the last 16km of the weekend in my Aquasocks.  They take a lot of force away from the major joints in the body.  

When running this much, its very important to be running in a way that lessens the impact on the body, otherwise, you will definitely get injured.  As you could have guessed, I slept like a baby that night.

© Brian Groot 2020