Miami Marathon

I have decided to make a new tradition of running a winter destination race each year after my awesome experience down in Miami.  I ran the  2009 ING Miami Marathon on January 25th.  This was no only a very fun race and but also served as a much needed break from the frustrating winter running that we have to go through up in Canada. 

I ran the first half at a moderate pace while enjoying the great company of some new friends of mine, John Budway and Krista Marcon.  I gradually increased the pace in the second half to test if I had retained any of the conditioning I had from last fall.  I finished strong with a time of 3:25' and change.  Miami is a very large race with some big city feel mixed in with some suburban sections.  No really hard hills, but the heat can become a factor later on in the race.  I would love to return to Miami to run this race in the future.   

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