The Limberlost Challenge

The Limberlost Challenge, or the TLC as it’s commonly referred to as, was one of those races that I look back and think, “How the heck did I pull that off?” 

I did the entire drive up to Limberlost after work on a Friday, arriving just after 11pm.  I probably drank a whole pot of coffee, a Rockstar and half a box of Timbits to keep me awake on the way up.  With the help of my new headlamp, I set up my tiny, one-man tent in the dark.  I finally got myself all sorted out and tried to get a bit of sleep before the morning. 

Part way through the night, I was woken up by the sound of rain battering down on the tent.  I tried my best to curl up in a ball so that my body didn’t get wet from touching the edges of the tent. 

I ate the rest of the Timbits and a ClifBar for breakfast and washed it down with another Rockstar.  I loaded my shorts with gummy bears and gels and I was off to pick up my bib and chip and head to the Start line. 

Finding some of my usual ultra-running companions, the race started out rather casual.  The course was beautiful and I was just taking it all in.  The day started to warm up, and I just kept on counting down the miles. 

It was a four loop course of 14km, so after the first couple times, we all started to get to become familiar with it.  All the volunteers were really friendly.  The last couple times around the loop, the trail seemed to have stretched out somehow, which is a common occurrence at these ultras.  My splits slowed a bit, but I came through the finish line just over 6-hours and 43-minutes. 

I grabbed some of the post-race meal after taking a dip in the nearby lake to cool/wash off.  Shortly after they announced the category winners, I had to hit the road for the long drive back home.  I don’t know how many more times I can do this sort of thing.  I must really be an ultra runner now.

© Brian Groot 2020