Niagara Ultra 50k

I decided to do this race at the last minute, as a training run before the GR-20 in Corsica.  I had been having some troubles with pain in the top of my foot while running, and I seemed to have gotten that sorted out, so I just wanted to be sure before taking on the mountains in France. 

I drove up the day before so that I could visit with my friend Carolyn in Niagara Falls.  This is one of the things I look forward to most when I race in the Niagara region. 

I picked up my race-kit early in the morning, missing out on the traditional Sweatshirt they give out, because of my late entry.  After a quick pre-race meeting with everyone, we were let loose on the escarpment. 

I spent a bit of time this year running with Iris Cooper, Ron Gehl, Laurie McGrath and a few others at different points.  I told them all about my adventures I had planned for the following week in the mountains of Corsica.  They gave me some great advice, which helped with my anxiety about the elevation changes. 

As I neared the turn-around point by the Falls, there was some confusion with the course markings and I might have missed a turn onto the sidewalk.  I think I ran an extra 100-200m before getting myself back on track.  I wasn’t in any hurry, since I just wanted to put in the miles and enjoy the run. 

I ran much of the way back to the finish by myself, crossing the line a little slower than in 2009.  Final time: 4-hours, 16-minutes for 50km. 

I was feeling good after the finish and was able to socialize with some of the other runners before driving back home.  I miss the good old days when I didn’t have to work on weekends!!!

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