Whitby Marathon

Running the inaugural marathon in Whitby would be my second, of three back-to-back marathon weekends.  This was starting to become much more of a regular thing for me and I was not too worried about how I would do. 

I was able to drive up on the Saturday so I could pick up the race-kit in advance, and I stayed at Steph’s friend’s house in Whitby for the night.

To make things a little bit more interesting for this race, I decided it would be a cool challenge to wear some of lulu’s more casual wear while running the entire race, just to show that you can still sweat in them too!  I wore a pair of black Kahuna Pants, and a blue striped Polo Shirt.  I also wanted to try running the entire race with my backpack on, as training for when I would be running in Corsica on the GR-20.  I only filled the bag with about 2/3’s of the weight I would be carrying on the hike. 

In the morning, they had a kiddie-race taking place before the marathon start, which was a lot of fun to watch.  Then it was our turn!  It was a nice cool spring morning that started to warm up a little bit as we got closer to midday.  I was able to find a few new friends to run with which made the run a lot of fun. 

I was getting lots of strange looks and questions about my outfit, which was to be expected.  Most people couldn’t believe I wasn’t boiling underneath.  I just explained to them how well the material breathes and that it is also moisture wicking to help keep me cool.

I spent awhile running with a young girl who was well on her wait to a BQ time.  She was a fan of lulu as well, and it was her first marathon.  The heat was starting to get to me in the final stages of the race, where there were long stretches of the course without any shade.  Overall I thought the course had a good variety of city, suburb, parks and trails. 

I finished with a remarkable time of 3-hours and 46-minutes, considering I was dressed more for a round of golf than a run. 

I headed back to Amanda’s to take a shower and tidy up before driving back home.  As I walked in the door, a teenage boy was looking at me, and scared me a bit.  I was thinking, “Who are you and what are you doing here???”  He was thinking the same thing about me.  After a couple moments, we got things figured out.  I explained who I was and he explained that Amanda’s brother had asked him, a friend of theirs, to let the dog out during the day, and he didn’t know about me staying over. 

All was well and I lived to see another day.  The following day, I planned to finally win the Watford Road Race.  I prayed that my legs would recover quickly, which turned out not to be very likely.

© Brian Groot 2020