Race Reports

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

It was only two weeks after finishing Haliburton, and I was determined to continue my streak at the ScotiaBank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

I drove up the afternoon before to pick up my race kit and spend some time visiting with my good friend, Mike.  I was able to take Mike to his first marathon expo and show him a little bit about the running scene.   He was quite excited about the whole thing. 

I spent the night at Mike’s, catching up and telling him all about my busy year.  The race started a quite early, so I told Mike that I didn’t expect him to join me for the start of the race if he wanted to sleep in.  I made the short drive downtown from Mike’s and was able to find a spot in a parking garage, only a couple blocks away from the Start line. 

I started to look around for my friends Adrian and Stephane, whom I had made plans to possibly pace for their goal times.  After waiting in our designated area, without any sign of either one, I headed towards the corrals.  It was there that I bumped into my friends Jenna and Lisa, from the Tri Club at UWO. 

Lisa was doing the Half and Jenna was going to be running her first Marathon!!!!  She seemed confident, yet a little nervous (as most first time marathoners are) about what she was about to do.  I offered to run with her since I couldn’t find my other friends. 

The three of us kept together for the first few kilometers of the race before Jenna and I pulled ahead.  I warned Jenna not to go too hard in the beginning when she was feeling fresh.  It is important to save something for the end when your legs are much more tired. 

We paced a pretty even race and even started to pick things up a bit in the last few kilometers.  It was clear that Jenna had prepared well since she was feeling like she could speed up towards the end.  I found it a challenge just keeping up with her, since my legs still had that curing cement feeling going on after Haliburton. 

We ran strong through the finish and our official time was just under 3-hours and 46-minutes.  Jenna was excellent company throughout the entire run and I would love to join her for more races in the future.  She was very happy about her race and plans to do more, looking to get that BQ at some point. 

After passing through all the post-race food lines and all that, I started walking back towards my car.  Then I realized that I was so rushed in the morning, I didn’t even think to look at what street the parking garage was on. 

I spent a moment or two thinking it was possible I might have lost my car in downtown Toronto.  I composed myself and followed my instinct towards some landmarks I remembered walking past earlier.  After a couple walks around the start area (which was partially torn down already) I found the right garage, as well as my car.

I did a quick change of clothes in my car and was on the road heading back to London.  As much fun as it is to keep going back to the same race each year, I’m thinking it’s time to give up on the streak.  I have done the STWM five times now it’s losing a bit of its novelty.  I would still recommend this race as one of the best to do for big city races in Canada, especially if it is your first marathon or you are looking for a PB.   

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