Race Reports

The Chocolate Half-Marathon

The Chocolate Race has been one of Steph’s main goals since she started running in the spring. I was also really excited to run with Steph.  Bernice and Jacqui, a couple of our friends, were both also running to try and better their Half-marathon PB’s.

We decided to car-pool on race morning and pick up our kits just before the run.  We had a fun drive and everyone was looking forward to the race.  It was looking to be a warm summer day, so we prepared for running in the heat. 

Steph was also a little nervous about the run, as was I. I hadn’t run in pretty well 4 weeks, since my back had been giving me troubles ever since the Dirty Girls at the beginning of August.

During the first part of the race, as we ran parallel to the lake, I started to feel my back ache.  It didn’t seem to get much worse, and so I continued running and checked in periodically.  Steph was not having much luck with the heat.  I kept myself happy with the fudge samples at each aid station, which I thought was a brilliant idea.  Some of the other runners did not seem as thrilled about them since their stomachs were not as strong. 

I tried my best to keep Steph motivated, along with pushing myself through the back pain.  Our paced slowed as the temperature climbed.  We waved to Bernice and Jacqui as they ran passed us on their way back from the far turn-around.  The heat was having an effect on just about everyone. 

We crossed the finish line in just over 2-hours and 57-minutes.  Even though we had hoped to run a bit faster, I was still so proud of Stephanie for sticking with it and running her first (official) Half-Marathon!!!! 

We celebrated finishing the race with a quick dip in the lake, which seemed to help my back feel a little bit better.  I was still quite nervous about how I was going to feel in a couple weeks for the 100-miler in Haliburton.   

After the beach, we all went up town to cash in our sweet-coupons at some of the sponsors’ businesses.  They were all so delicious!!!!!  This is a must-race for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

We topped off the day with a free massage at the post-race party.  That really helped my hip and my back feel better before having to get in the car and drive home.  This is one race I will surely be doing again in the future!

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