Race Reports

Bluewater Triathlon

It took some convincing from Nick, but I finally decided to sign up for an Olympic distance at the Bluewater Triathlon and see if I still had it in me.  I have not been doing much cycling and certainly not enough swimming this year, so I was quite nervous about the race and how things would go.  

I put in a few quality workouts throughout the week leading up to it, just so that there was no surprises.   Although I was still a little nervous about the swim, I felt like I was ready.  

Nick and I stayed overnight at my mom's house, in Strathroy, before the race in order to shave 30-minutes off of our drive to Brights Grove in the morning.  We had some fun at my mom’s, jumping on the trampoline and then treaded some water in the pool, just to get our selves pumped for the race.  It worked for Nick, but I felt like I was already spent for the next day.  

We arrived at the race with just enough time to hit up the port-a-john and set up our things in the transition zone.  It was a delightful surprise to see Amanda also at the race.  We also bumped into Andrew, who promised to offer Nick some stiff competition.  

I was lucky that my wetsuit still fit me, since the last time I wore it, I was about 15 pounds lighter.  The water conditions were as close to perfect as you could ask for, especially on one of the Great Lakes.  

To my surprise, I made it out of the water in a personal best time (although the course is said to be short, measuring about 1100m, maybe).   

The bike proved to be very fast and I decided to push for as much time gain as I could since the wind was mostly at our backs.  I think I ate too many ShotBloks on during the bike because as soon as I stood up, my stomach turned into knots.  

The first half of the run I was simply trying to overcome the pain of my digestive system.  At that point, the cool and cloudy weather turned to steady rain.  I somehow managed to keep up my pace to finish the 10k in under 43 minutes and a total time of about 2:24'.  

Nick ended up beating Andrew and Amanda won her age category in the duathlon. A big congrats to both of them!!!!

I finished in around the top third and was quite satisfied with my results.  There was a huge buffet of food and snacks at the finish, which I took full advantage of.  I also made some new friends from Sarnia who are very big fans of yoga and interested in Mindfulness Running!  We couldn't stick around too long since I had to work at lululemon later that afternoon.  

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