Race Reports

Canberra 50k

Conclusion: Running 50km is much harder than running a marathon. 

I've finished marathons feeling like I could keep going but those last 8km in the Canberra Ultra were exponentially more challenging than anything I've ever done before.  I'm trying to decide whether the 50km was harder to finish than the 70.3 race last fall.  I definitely didn't have as much left by the end of this race, although, an hour or so after I finished, I was surprised that I was actually feeling relatively good.  All the pain seems to be isolated in the muscles, which should recover within a few days. 

A big thanks goes out to all my friends and family, who I was thinking of while digging deep for those last few miles.  My finish time was in the neighbourhood of 4 hours and 6 minutes.  I was pleased that even though I hit the wall quite hard that it was still good enough for 3rd place in my age category.   

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