Race Reports

Around the Bay Gold

        Leading up to this year’s Around the Bay Road Race, I was quite nervous about my level of fitness and my speed since I have not done much speed work lately in my training.  The weather reports were fairly mixed in the days before the race, which was not helping my confidence either.  Luckily, the weather ended up being prefect for running, cool and clear, with very little wind.  

I ran with Nick from the start up until around 21k when I started to slow down a little on the hills.  His pacing kept me well ahead of our 2 hour goal time so I had a bit of a cushion on my splits.  I managed to make it to the last 3 k stretch with still about 3 minutes to spare on my watch to reach my goal.  

I ran it into Copps Collesium with a finish of 1:57:42" and the Gold Medal that I have been working to earn for the last 2 years.  After giving a great big hug to Nick and celebrating our finish, we were able to stick around and cheer on some of our friends who were still to finish.  Both my Uncle Nick and loyal training partner, John, posted new PB's around the 2:15' mark.  

After about one week, I was starting to feel fully recovered for the most part.  I had a wonderful Easter morning run with John in Strathroy and am looking forward to the next few races, which should be at more of a moderate pace.  

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