Race Reports

Treadmill Marathon

        After a few cold days at Disney, I was back to training for my next race, Ottawa’s Winterman Marathon in mid-February.  This was another character building race.  I was feeling confident, knowing the hard training I had been doing during the winter so far.  The Ottawa weather did not disappoint, being slightly colder than Disney  (-6 degrees) along with some brisk wind and blowing snow.  The course was 5k out and back which sounds like a lot of repetition, but it actually was quite nice to help keep on track with your splits.  

        I stayed strong through to the end and used the hills to my advantage to finish in 2nd place, narrowly missing out on first place by only a couple minutes.  My official finishing time was 3:00:07” which is an awesome achievement in my mind, considering the conditions we were running in. 

During the weeks in between races, I was able to organize a Treadmill Marathon at the Masonville lululemon to raise money for Cops for Cancer.  I ran 40 miles in 5:40:00" (with an hour break for food after 26.2 miles) and raised over $800 for the charity.  This was something I had wanted to do for quite some time and I was so happy to see how much of a success it turned out to be. 

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