My name is Brian Groot and I am a Running Guru, Registered Massage Therapist and yoga teacher from Strathroy, Ontario. My goal in creating Mindfulness Running is to unite running, yoga and massage therapy into an integrated training program which will help guide endurance athletes to achieving their goals both physically and mentally, at the same time.

I am committed to sharing my experience and knowledge that I have gained throughout my years as a runner and a yogi with those that have set goals and are seeking a path towards achieving them. Mindfulness Running is about more than just completing a distance or setting a new personal best; it is about learning from your practice, from the mind and the body.  As you draw your focus inwards, you will overcome small obstacles, each one getting you closer to your final goal, whether that be setting a new personal best, or living your daily life with more peace and joy.  I believe that we should challenge ourselves regularly, and sometimes that the biggest challenge is in doing less, and bringing awareness to our attachments we create while training hard. 

In Brian's Blog, you can follow all the adventures and races I have experienced and how my own training is going.  I am always taking on new challenges in the continuous cycle of growth.  I will also add some helpful summaries of basic yogic and buddhist philosophies in the near future, which I tend to incorporate into the training program.  Learning about these techniques requires no spiritual belief system and it is compatible with all spiritual outlooks.  They simply provide tools to enable us to train with focus and clarity. 

I encourage you to browse the site, whether you are looking for content on training or just interested in reading about my adventures on my blog.  Feel free to send me an email to ask me any questions related to Goal Setting, running, meditation, yoga or anything else you think I may be able to help with.


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