The Power of Writing Down Your Goals

I want to share this great example of how writing down your goals is the first step towards achieving remarkable things. 

I made a post on my website back in December of 2009, all about my goals for the upcoming coming year. 

I just came across it recently and was amazed at how clearly I had my goals laid out, and how much of it I was actually able to accomplish.  Here is an excerpt from that post.

“Coming up in the New Year, I will be taking on the Goofy challenge in Disney World, Florida.  The two-day, 63.3km event will be a great test for some of the other races I have planned for 2010.  

  1. I am registered to run the Winterman Marathon in February, and depending on how I am feeling, I might try to set a new course record. 
  2. Following a gold medal worthy Around the Bay run in March, I will be preparing for some ultra distances.  
  3. I hope to complete the 50-miler at Sulphur Springs in May after running the Mississauga Marathon.  
  4. Then in June, I will be heading to the Mediterranean to take on the GR20 trail in Corsica.  My friend Nick and I are planning to complete the 180km trail through the mountains in only 4 days.  I will likely need a short holiday after that to recover.  
  5. Once I'm back at home, all effort will be in preparation for the Haliburton 100 miler in September.  
  6. To get ready, I will likely run the Dirty Girl's Trail run in either the 12h or 24h category.  
  7. As a nice recovery after Haliburton, I will continue my streak at the Waterfront Marathon with plans to run the Detroit marathon around my birthday in October.  
  8. If all goes well, the icing on the cake for 2010 will be running the NYC Marathon in November.  
  9. It will be up to my bank account and my time off to decide if I can fly down to Vegas or Jamaica for a December Marathon.”  

I didn’t quite break the course record at the Winterman, but I did come in 2nd place overall, running my fastest marathon time in 2010.   I finally received my Gold at Around the Bay, with a cushion of over 2 minutes.  I completed my first 50-miler, and actually felt pretty good at the finish line. 

I also fit in a few other marathons before taking on the GR20 in June, which I successfully finished in our four-day window, despite many complications along the way.  I ran the 24-hour race at Dirty Girls, completing 120km, and then just over a month later, ran 100 miles at Haliburton in 23-hours, and 57-minutes. 

I kept the streak alive by running Waterfront for a 5th consecutive time.  After a couple more ultras, I ran the NYC Marathon with my Uncle Nick.  It was one of the best race experiences of my life. 

The bank account was not looking so hot at that point, so Vegas and Jamaica remain for another year, but this just goes to show, the power of writing down your goals. 

I challenge you to write down just a few of your goals for the next year, next five years or ten next years.  Be sure to revisit them now and then.  Some will stick and others will change over time.  It all starts with putting it down on paper (or on the internet).  See what you can accomplish with a little direction.  Dream big!!! 

Before you know it, you’ll be living your dreams too.

© Brian Groot 2020