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Dealing with Injuries:Being Kind to Your Body

After a few months of struggling with my injuries, feeling like I might never be able to run another marathon, I began to shows some signs of progress.  I had taken a break from running after the Christmas holidays.  I decided, instead, to do a CrossFit boot camp as a new way to build up my strength and find some balance.  It was a great way to start the New Year. 

I really enjoyed changing up the fitness routine and giving my running-self some much needed time off.  Everything was feeling good until the last week of the boot camp, when my back started to bother me again.  I was very frustrated, and didn’t know what to do about it. 

After the boot camp was over, I decided I would spend a month or two not worrying about exercise and just focus on school and relaxing when I could.  I found that without that physical stimulation, I was getting more stressed, and was not able to enjoy the other activities in my daily life quite as much.  Something needed to change!

Moksha was doing another one of their bi-annual 30-day Challenges and I thought that might be exactly what I needed to get myself focused again.  I had started to cut back on hot yoga back in the fall since the heat seemed to aggravate my back pain.  I knew if I were going to do the challenge, I would need to check my ego at the door, and really listen to my body.  I would be starting again, as a beginner, relearning all the movements in my broken down body. 

The first week was very difficult, being able to only do about two thirds of the postures, and not coming nearly as deep as I used to be able to in most others.  I knew that I would have to honour my body if I was going to see any progress. 

As the month went on, and the yoga practice became a regular part of my day again, I started noticing many improvements.  I was able to do almost all of the postures in each class, and was starting to become more comfortable pushing myself further in those poses which I was still a little afraid of.

Concurrently, I started testing the waters again with my running.  First, I could only go out for five minutes, and then it was ten, slowly working my way up from the very beginning again. 

This was a huge hit to my ego.   It was hard to think that less than six months earlier, I had run 100 miles in one day, and now one kilometer was proving to be a big challenge for me.  It taught me not to take our abilities for granted, because they are not guaranteed for life. 

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